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Perfetto Ethiopia Guji Grade -II Arabica Green Beans

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Product Description
  •  Region : Guji
  •  Grade : II
  •  Processing : Fully washed
  •  Botanical Species: Arabica
  •  Screen Size:  14+
  •  Altitude :    2100- 2350 meters above sea level
  •  Moisture :   9-12%
  • Caffeine : 1.13 %
  • Appearance  :  Greenish
  • Cup Profile : Clean with floral taste


Ethiopian coffee is the most popular of the African coffees and it is commonly recognized as the birthplace of coffee. Even today most of the Ethiopian coffee plantations are largely comprised of heirloom varietals. When correctly processed the cup qualities on these heirloom Ethiopian coffees are among the most exotic and extraordinary coffees in the world of coffee.

The coffee farm utilizes shade (acacia and other indigenous trees) to protect the coffee plants. This coffee is organically grown using natural composts and other organic fertilizers. The coffee is hand-picked, fully washed, and sun-dried on raised African drying beds. A highly regarded organically grown, exotic coffee. The washed processing provides an exceptionally clean tasting cup, with bright citrus acidity and a smooth mouthfeel. Centred in the village of Ana Sora, part of the famous coffee region Guji, the Ana Sora washing station is well-known for its fantastic coffees. You may find the villa on the map marked by the red circle.


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